Now that you have had a chance to check out the great work that Hot Toys has done on the Spirit figure, you have to see the job they have done on his Arch Nemesis, The Octopus. He’s played by Sam Jackson and the sculpting is absolutely amazing.

This 1/6th scale The Octopus collectible figure stands approximately 31cm tall features:

l Hot Toys 12-inch figure body with over 32 points of articulation

l Highly detailed sculpture head with authentic likeness of Samuel L. Jackson as THE OCTOPUS

l Dressed in his movie-accurate costume of Overcoat, Red shirt, Pants and Boots

l Removable Fur, Hat and Scarf, and non-removable Tiepin and Belt are among the accessories included

l The Octopus’s weapons includes:

n One powerful firearm – a combination of assault rifle and shotgun comes with removable shells and cartridge

n Two four-barreled shotguns

n Two Revolvers

l 12-inch figure stand with The Octopus nameplate

Head Sculpt – Jung Mi Kim
Painting – JC.HONG

{Release date: Q2, 2009}