For the last couple of days, news has been circulating that a large hole was being dug in a street on the set for the new Batman film, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Now it looks like we know the reason why. Video just surfaced in the last few hours of one of the six Tumblers that are being used in the movie getting blown into the hole. What we don’t know at this point is if it was supposed to be by an IED under the tumbler or possible a missile strike from the Batwing. Either way, it’s pretty cool. Word is that the man behind the wheel was world famous stunt driver and the man who once wore the helmet as Stig on ‘Top Gear’, Ben Collins.

Here is an eyewitness account:

Subaruwrxfan eyewitness account – Just heard big explosion, bomb truck and 2 tumblers drive through the intersection. The explosion was the hole in the ground exploding in cherry way

The hole is only about 5 feet deep and had a bunch of stuff in it too.

Just heard (and felt!) a huge thump. They just did an explosion to blow up the tumbler while it was in the hole. Was pretty sweet.

The explosion actually flipped the tumbler onto it’s roof!! It’s out of the hole now, forklift turning it over

Well this is unexpected…there are 6 camo tumblers. They have a duplicate of each! (and they’re all full size, so nobody start talking about mini-tumblers again, lol).

Ben Collins (ex-Stig and stunt driver) just walked past me!!! Eeeeeee! I’m a huge top gear fan so that’s double awesome for me!

Wow, saw the tumbler that got blown up. They really are as tough as they make them look in the movies! It was flipped and fell in a hole and the only damage it took was a few small plates got blown off that cover the suspension. That’s it. These things really are tough as nails. I’m really impressed. Wow.