Hot Toys has made some changes to their upcoming The Godfather – 12″ Don Vito Corleone collectible figure. Below you can see the new images of the final prototype with the new changes. Changes made include:

* Head sculpture (More detailed hair and facial texture.)
* Hands (more like an old man’s hands)
* His beloved cat (newly sculpted and painted)

From Hot Toys’ newsletter:

“Capturing every angle of the Don, this figure is sure to be one of the most accurate collectibles of this unforgettable Hollywood Icon – Marlon Brando. Have you preordered your Godfather yet? If not, you better make up your mind after viewing our latest prototype of 1/6th scale Don Vito Corleone collectible figure.

Today, we are glad to share more details of this figure with our newsletter members exclusively! Our costume designer used real fabric and detailed cutting to present the Don’s black suit looks exactly the same in the movie. Besides, proper material is another big concern for us – Finally, the triple-layered costume does not make him bulky BUT fits the figure body perfectly!

For sure, the most difficult and important part of this project was the head sculpture of this Mafia leader, our Korean artists grasp the Don’s facial expression with his imposing manner shown in the movie, you can even feel his hegemonist power through his eyes! In addition, we’ve also given him a pair of old man’s hands as well.

Well, we knew the cat wasn’t perfect, so here we have a newly sculpted lovely kitten for our Godfather.
The last secret is about the chair – something you might not know by looking at the pictures! Someone may say “It’s just a chair!”, but we don’t think so! What you will get is a rotatable chair with adjustable back function PLUS real-like fabric cushion! Surprised?

Last but not least, our Art Director in Chief – JC Hong promised to supervise the mass production and control the painting lives up to perfection. Is that a good news for you?

If you would like to kiss The Godfather’s hand “in person”, preorder yours via our official dealers while you still can! You cannot claim that we didn’t warn you, as our order goes really FAST! This product will be available in April, 2009.”