As much as we here at Bent Wookie love our blue collar superheroes, I can honestly say we haven’t given the big red lug with the right hand of doom enough attention. As a result, this post will hopefully try to rectify that oversight with some interesting Hellboy finds on the net.

First up, we have this simple but cool cigar chomping Brickshelf Hellboy.

Next, is this awesome paper Hellboy Bust! The paper model measures 9.25″ and looks just as good if not better than some of the Hellboy busts I’ve seen. You can download and build it yourself at the link below.

Lastly, just because Hellboy is all kind of badass on the outside, it doesn’t mean he can’t be lovable too. Introducing Hellboy amigurumi…”How could something this cute be a monster!”

Source:, Brickshelf, geekcentralstation