Where does he get all those wonderful toys. No one knows, but for once we can at least get a replica of it from DC Direct!

Introducing the latest addition to DC Direct’s JLA TROPHY ROOM collection of prop replicas is one of the most recognizable and important parts of Batman’s costume – his modern utility belt.

This prop replica of Batman’s belt is made of faux-leather, includes eight pouches with real, working high-gloss gold snaps with Batman logo emblems and a real, working gold-plated metal buckle with a Batman logo emblem.

In addition to a Certificate of Authenticity, a metal display shelf on which the belt can be mounted is included, along with mounting hardware.

This mixed-media prop replica belt measures approximately 38” long, and the display shelf measures approximately 7.25” high x 22” wide x 5.25” deep.

* Batman’s (Modern) Utility Belt is a prop replica ONLY and is not meant to be worn.

On sale June 9, 2010 priced at $350.