Cillian Murphy who played The Scarecrow in the reboot of the Batman movie franchise re-teams with director Christopher Nolan for his new film “Inception” and hopes that a sequel to “The Dark Knight” is in the works.

There’s little doubt that if a third installment is in the works that we’d all see our favorite Bat villain, Jonathan Crane return no matter how small or large the roll may be. As many recall, The Scarecrow did appear briefly in the beginning of “The Dark Knight” as a reformed agent of “justice.”

“I hope they make a third one,” Murphy told MTV News. “I think ‘The Dark Knight’ was one of the greatest films.”

Just because he’s hopeful, however, doesn’t mean that Nolan has disclosed any of his intentions on the “Inception” set.

“We don’t talk about those things,” Murphy explained. “It’s out of my control.”

While there’s little doubt that a sequel would be in the works, considering how much “The Dark Knight” grossed domestically and internationally, a “Batman 3” is not a guarantee.

“[‘The Dark Knight’ is] one of the greatest blockbuster mainstream movies,” the actor stated. “If anyone can match that or top that it’s Chris. Fingers crossed.”

Source: MTV Splashpage