Capcom, Kaiyado and Good Smile Company have teamed up to bring us the Revoltech design to Street Fighter! The first figure will be Ryu with an expected release date of October 2008. Ryu is priced at 1,680 yen which brings him to roughly $15.99 USD.

According to Good Smile Company, some of Ryu’s specifications include 105mm ABS PVC pre-painted and the figure itself will stand in at around 105mm (4″) tall.

While SOTA Toys has brought us amazing super articulated Street Fighter figures, you have to admit, they were never able to perfect the articulation for Ryu/Ken Hadoken fireball pose. With this new Revoltech Ryu based on the new Street Fighter Online one-handed mouse game, you never have to worry about that again. Check out the preview images below for some of the classic Street Fighter poses Revoltech Ryu can recreate!