As Megan Fox prepares to reprise her role for the Transformers sequel next summer, a tidal wave of rumors are starting to swell about her being cast as the lead in the big screen adaptation of Michael Turner’s: Fathom. The movie has been in the pipeline for quite some time, but due to turners untimely and sad passing from cancer earlier this year, development had pretty much come to a stand still.

Well, it looks like things are moving again and the story broke on that Fox has been tapped to play Fathom. Fan sites all over the internet have been buzzing with speculation on the rumor, but no official word has come from any studio or Turner’s company, Aspen Comics.

Megan does hold a pretty strong resemblance to her comic book counter part, so that could explain part of the rumor. What do you think? Is this the tail wagging the dog? Just an internet site hoping they can make their dreams come true by pretending they already have? Or, have we all just seen the face of the next comic book blockbuster movie?