A couple of toy commercials leaked onto the net today for some upcoming Mattel toys from the new Superman film, Man Of Steel.

It appears that they are just rough cuts because there’s no actual video of Henry Cavil, just old footage of Brandon Routh/Christopher Reeve before they show off the toys.

The interesting bit in the first commercial for the Superman Flightspeeders is that the space ship toy is called the Fortress of Solitude. This could very well mean that they’ve completely changed that part of the Superman Mythos and the new film franchise will have his secret hideaway as a spaceship and not a giant ice palace.

In the next video, we get to see Superman Exploders. These mostly look like a combination between action figures and Stretch Armstrong. While these figures have a more stylized design, they do give us a chance to see Zod’s costume. The coolest part of this one is our first look at Zod’s spaceship, Black Zero. This falls in line with the rumors that there was another villain in the film called black zero. We also get to see our first glimpse of Zod’s robot army, though we aren’t sure if that is part of the film.

Source: DCCollectors