LEGO has just announced a new Razorcrest set that is about to force the Mandalorian fans who have the first Razor Crest to decide if they want them both, want to swap out the old with the new, or keep the original on their shelf.

The new set, which was released today on the company’s Twitter page, is a massive 6,187 pieces, includes a ton of internal detail and also features mini figures of Grogu, the Mandalorian, the Mythrol, and Kuiil on a buildable Blurrg model. The set will be available early next month for the low, low price of $599.

The original Razor Crest, by comparison, was only 1,023 pieces. It featured far less detail but still came with several minifigs including The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper, the Child, and IG-11. That set is still available for purchase on the LEGO site for $139.99.