As night blankets the sky, the moon rises and so do the dolls of Living Dead Dolls series 19: Children Of The Night. Driven by a hunger that is beyond their control, these little vamps are cursed to an eternal blood lust.

This new trichromatic variant set not only features a new black, white, and blood red color scheme, it features a new 6th, glow in the dark doll not available anywhere else; Claret Winter.

Claret Winter is one of the most exclusive Living Dead Dolls ever made, with a production run strictly limited to 375 pieces worldwide. When the sun sets, your terror will grow as Claret Winter glows in the dark with a strange “supernatural” energy.

Living Dead Dolls Series 19: Children Of The Night Variant Set includes;
Sabbatha- with stake in her chest
Sanguis- with stake in her chest
Haemon- with stake in his chest
Agana- with cross “burned” forehead
Orchid – with stake in her chest
Claret Winter- with “supernatural” glow in the dark power

Each bloodthirsty spawn of darkness stands a full 10 inches tall and comes complete with real cloth clothing. Each is packed in their own coffin with death certificate.

This Mezco Direct Exclusive variant edition is limited to 375 sets. Get yours before the sun rises! Visit Mezco for more details.