If you haven’t heard of Manny Pacquiao then you haven’t turned on ESPN for the last couple of years because he is pound for pound the most talented boxer in the history of the sport according to most afficionados. In fact, he’s the only boxer in history to win seven world titles. You know what that means, don’t you? It means Rocky can suck it.

As big a hit as he is in America, it is nothing compared to his status back home in the Philippines where he is considered a state treasure and shoe in for political office once he retires.

Anyways, our good friends, MINDStyle toys is teaming up with the Team Pacquiao retail shops to create some exclusive collectibles and gear that is going to have every pac man fan Drooling. Few images have been released, but check out below for a “MINDstylized” first look at Manny as well as a kick ass t-shirt that not only appears to feature Manny, but also, Mickey Mouse!