Having already established himself as a urban fashion designer, Marc Ecko is back with more high-end wear but this time really blurring the lines between fashion chic and just place geek wear. Sure he’s done it with his Star Wars hoodies and watches, but he’s now at it again with a new line of Black Rhino hoodies featuring Batman and Joker from “The Dark Knight.”

At $98 a pop they ain’t cheap. The full line also includes KISS, Jason from “Friday the 13th,” and Jigsaw from “Saw.”

Source: Comicsalliance

One thought on “Marc Ecko Blurs The Line Between Geek and Chic With New Batman/Joker Hoodies”

  1. Ok i guess i don’t get it….So it’s a hoodie and thats what it looks like from behind? Or is it a hoodie that comes with a mask? Or a hoodie that has a wedding dress type “veil” that goes over the face??

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