By the power of Grayskull! This MOTU Origins 4-pack celebrates He-Man over the last 40 years. From his famous bowl cut on the 1980’s figure to the futuristic galactic outfit on the most modern figure, He-Man has always looked great defending Eternia. Each figure is highly posable, comes with exclusive VUM accessories, and has true-to-character details to look like our legendary hero from TV in each decade. This collector’s set comes in premium “TV” packaging complete with programming designs from each era and an Eternia tube slipcover.

  • MOTU He-Man 40th Anniversary 4-Pack
  • 5 inch MOTU Origins collectible figures
  • 16 points of articulation for timeless poses
  • He-Man action figures from the 80’s Filmation Series, ’90’s New Adventures, the early 200x defender, and most recent Netflix He-Man and the Master of the Universe series
  • Premium “TV” packaging with MOTU easter eggs for fanatics

2022 Mattel.

SKU#: HGW45 – Launches Sept 15, 2022 9:00 AM PT