Mattel Creations, the company’s answer to Hasbro Pulse launched their first product drop today and they are kicking things off with a new Art of Engineering series.

You already know we’ve been making the toys you love since 1945. Mattel Creations™ is our chance to show you the art and science that goes into each and every one. To kick it all off, we’re launching the limited-edition Art of Engineering collection, designed to give you a clear look at what goes into making some of our most iconic toys. We hope you love it as much as we do! 

The new series looks back at 75 years of toy-making with transparent edition of classic Mattel toys like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe, Barbie, The Magic 8 Ball, and the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker. they’ve also teased that new product drops will be coming up later in the year for The Shining, Stephen King’s It, and Masters of The Universe.

Masters of the Universe Origins Skeletor – $50
We take our action figures seriously. With the Art of Engineering Skeletor® figure, we kept the evil and ditched the purple so you can see what makes the Overlord of Evil tick.

Barbie – $75
She’s known and loved for her fashion, but even in a bathing suit her silhouette is iconic. With the Art of Engineering Barbie doll, we went back to her original design from 1959 and sculpted her iconic ponytail, side-eye, and classic swimwear. The result is unmistakable and timeless.

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker – $75
For the Art of Engineering Collection, we pulled the Bone Shaker® apart and suspended it in acrylic. Now you’ve got a clear look at what makes a legend.

Magic 8-Ball – $50
With the Art of Engineering Magic 8 Ball®, we’ve pulled back the curtain on your favorite fortune teller. All of our engineering tricks are out in the open, but will you still find it magical? “As I see it, yes.”