When Mattel isn’t trying to extort money from collectors with their JLU “collector friendly” 3-packs and secondary market friendly collectibles, occasionally they do do something right.

Currently Mattel is hosting an auction for a DC Universe Classics Green Lantern 2-up Prototype to benefit the Mattel Children’s hospital UCLA. That means you can own your very own fully painted 2-up prototype and know that your money will be donated to help out sick kids.

This is your chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of DCUC memorabilia, as no DC Universe Classics 2-up prototype have EVER been officially released to the public.

The DCUC Green Lantern is a one of a kind and it will even be autographed by the Mattel DCUC design team and all of Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios!

Go here to check it out or bid: Mattel Charity Catalog Items.