One of the coolest things about Comic-Con is the chance to see all the new and sparkling stuff that comes out. One of the things your’s truly was particularly fascinated by is this game by Mattel called “Mind Flex.” The concept is relatively simple. You levitate a ball simply by concentrating or relaxing. Hand-eye coordination is important in order to move the ball forward or backwards. The possibilities of game play is mindboggling with 9 obstacles that are interchangeable (and sometimes even customizable), 5 different built in electronic games, 3 levels of difficulty and allows up to 4 players to play.

A headset with 3 sensors use EEG technology. That’s “ElectroEncephaloGraph” for all you people who want to know what that stands for. You know who you are. This contraption reads brainwaves (more specifically, the ones associate with concentration) which then lets you command the ball to rise or hover back to the ground. The miracles of technology!!

This is all great and all but what I was more fixated on the fact that this game would let me live out my dreams of being like Professor Xavier and Jean Grey!! …kind of. Granted, I can’t see into your mind with this nor could I move other things simply just by thinking about it….oh, wait. I can, thanks to Mind Flex. Awesomeness beyond all that is awesome.

Mind Flex is scheduled to hit the U.S. shelves in October. You can pre-order it at and Mind Flex is available at $79.99.

Here’s a clip of Mind Flex in action from CES 2009: