McFarlane Toys has released new in-package images of their upcoming articulated MLB PlayMakers action figures. From their site:

PlayMakers is a completely new McFarlane Toys product based on our existing sports licenses. These new action figures include the high level of detail McFarlane Toys is known for in a newly developed 4-inch scale figure. The addition of tremendous articulation, more than 20 moving parts, allows for complete playability and enables consumers to recreate countless action poses of their favorite sports hero. Plus, we’ve got the inning covered from top to bottom, as most players will be available in both a batting and a fielding version!

Here is a look at the entire Series 1 of MLB PlayMakers:

MLB PlayMakers Series 1

* ALBERT PUJOLS (batting)
* ALBERT PUJOLS (fielding)
* ALEX RODRIGUEZ (batting)
* ALEX RODRIGUEZ (fielding)
* CHIPPER JONES (batting)
* CHIPPER JONES (fielding)
* DEREK JETER (batting)
* DEREK JETER (fielding)
* DAVID ORTIZ (batting)
* DUSTIN PEDROIA (batting)
* DUSTIN PEDROIA (fielding)
* DAVID WRIGHT (batting)
* DAVID WRIGHT (fielding)
* ICHIRO (batting)
* ICHIRO (fielding)
* JOSH BECKETT (pitching)
* MANNY RAMIREZ (batting)
* MANNY RAMIREZ (fielding)
* RYAN HOWARD (batting)
* RYAN HOWARD (fielding)
* TIM LINCECUM (pitching)

PlayMakers are scheduled to make their debut to retailers nationwide this March.