McFarlane Toys has unveiled their entire NFL lineups for next season. Some of the new changes this year is the inclusion of NFL Legends players as part of the regular NFL series alongside current stars. Here’s the official press release from

McFarlane Toys is proud to unveil our NFL lineups for next season. For the first time ever, we’re including our NFL Legends players as part of our NFL series alongside current stars. We’re including this “Legends & Stars” concept into our 2-packs as well, and this also allows us to release a current NFL line several weeks earlier than in recent years. As always, lineups are subject to change and we’re still working on defining our NFL Draft Pick figure for NFL 27 and our NFL PlayMakers 3 lineup.

NFL Elite 2 – June 2011

Tony Romo 5
Mark Sanchez 2
Troy Polamalu
Darren McFadden
Anquan Boldin
Maurice Jones-Drew
Jared Allen

NFL 2-pack #20 – July 2011

James Harrison & “Mean” Joe Greene 2

NFL 2-pack #21 – July 2011

Brian Urlacher 2 & Dick Butkus

NFL PlayMakers 2 – July 2011

Peyton Manning
Adrian Peterson
Tom Brady
Ben Roethlisberger
Eli Manning
Aaron Rodgers
LaDainian Tomlinson
Reggie Bush
Miles Austin
Matt Ryan
Tim Tebow
Rashard Mendenhall

NFL 26 – Domestic Release Date: July 2011

Adrian Peterson 4
Eli Manning 4
Ray Lewis 3
Wes Welker
Brandon Marshall
Terry Bradshaw
Jerome Bettis 2 (STL Rams re-paint)

NFL 27 – Domestic Release Date: September 2011

Tom Brady 4
Larry Fitzgerald 2
Miles Austin
Aaron Rodgers 3
2011 Draft Pick (TBD)
Heath Miller
Eric Dickerson
Marcus Allen (KC re-paint)

NFL 2-pack #22 – Domestic Release Date: September 2011

Terry Bradshaw 2 & Howie Long

NFL 28 – Domestic Release Date: November 2011

Ben Roethlisberger 3
Clay Matthews
Dez Bryant
Drew Brees 2
Michael Vick 2
Andre Johnson
Barry Sanders 2

NFL 29 – Domestic Release Date: early January 2012

Peyton Manning 6
Matt Ryan 2
Philip Rivers
Ken Stabler
Troy Polamalu 4
Tony Romo 6
Sam Bradford