Mighty Jaxx just dropped the announcement of their next Jason Freeny XXRay release and it looks like a couple more neighbors will be joining Big Bird down on Sesame Street. The newest releases in the line are Bert and Ernie. Bert comes in at 9″ and Ernie at 8.5″. As with all the XXray line, the sculpts show off half of the completed character and half of their internal organs and skeletons (Something that was NOT copied from Kaws, despite his claims to that effect). The new figures look great, but I’m still a little bummed that they didn’t treat the puppet XXRays differently by including the arm of the puppeteer inside of them instead of the puppet’s actual internal organs. With that said, major points to Freeny for also including the detail of Rubbery Ducky’s insides.

The figures are set to drop on Sunday, 7/27 at 10 AM EST HERE. The figures cost $129 each or $249 for the pair.

Originally a humble children’s show, Sesame Street has grown to be one of the most celebrated American pop culture icon loved by children and adults alike. This week, we’re bringing the iconic Sesame Street duo – Bert & Ernie – to life in the iconic XXRAY Plus design!

The dissection style of XXRAY is a fresh take on these beloved characters and is a must-have for fans of Sesame Street! Bert and Ernie’s big hearts and banter have brought smiles to children and adults all over the world, with a bond so strong, it is little wonder that their friendship has touched the hearts of so many. Bring the friendship of a generation into your homes with the XXRAY Plus: Bert and XXRAY Plus: Ernie!

Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd
XXRAY Plus: Ernie 8.5″ PVC Art Toy
XXRAY Plus: Bert 9″ PVC Art Toy
Each Figure Can Be Purchased Separately for US$129 Each
Select “Bert & Ernie” To Purchase Both for US$249