Henry Cavill is going to be pretty busy for a while as Geralt in the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series, but there’s a new rumor going around that he still has a dream of getting back in the cape and tights for one more film as Superman.

It’s almost hard to believe that the actor would want to come back to the franchise after the issues with the first three DCEU films and the fact that he declined to appear for a cameo in Shazam. But, it seems like he thinks his version of the character still has a story to tell.

Roger Roecken had a chance to speak to Cavill at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con and he is now tweeting about it:

While it would be good to see Cavill as Superman one more time, especially with that kind of story (and no CGI lip), it’s probably not going to happen. In reality, the studio has turned the page on both Batman, Superman, and The Flash, and they’ve all but forgotten about a cinematic Cyborg.