Sure why not? Cult movie icon Danny Trejo now has his own action figure and rightly fully so. The 7-inch figure is based off Robert Rodriguez’s new film “Machete.” This figure is highly detailed, poseable, with a lifelike likeness and 2 machete weapons. It is expected to hit shelves by September 2010.

Machete: Yesterday he was a decent man leading a decent life; now he is a brutal savage who must slaughter to stay alive. Gnarled and tattoo-laden, Machete is armed with twin blades, his leather vest lined in throwing knives. The grainy trailer for the movie Machete was unveiled at the beginning of Planet Terror as a coming attraction. The eponymous Machete, strongly similar to the character portrayed by the same actor in Desperado, is shown dealing out bloody justice to an array of unscrupulous types.