NECA’s showroom at Toy Fair 2012 may be rocking with new prototype unveils, but the real exciting is what’s being revealed via NECA’s Twitter feed. NECA has just announced that they are currently sculpting Rambo, Reese from Terminator 1, Colonial Marines and new Alien Warriors.

According to NECA they are planning on doing new figures from the entire Aliens franchise which includes Colonial Marines from the Cameron films. Not only that, but the new Aliens Warrior will be more articulated and come with removable limbs.

NECA are also planning figures from the new Alien prequel “Prometheus.” These figures along with the Marines won’t be out until 2013 unfortunately.

From the Predator side, a 1/4 Scale City Hunter Predator is also being developed.. and maybe more!

As for Evil Dead 2, not all has been revealed! NECA has one more figure left to reveal. It’s a secret for now apparently.

Lastly, the new Jason figures from Friday the 13th will all come with removable masks in addition to different heads! That’s 2 different masks and 2 different heads!

Source: Image from Figures, NECA’s FB page