Debbie Huey, the creator of the mini-comic turned graphic novel, Bumperboy, has created hand-made needle felted Bumperboy and Bumperpup plushes. Now, I won’t pretend to know I know anything or what needle felting even is, but it’s pretty incredible how well they turned out.

For those unfamiliar with Bumperboy, it’s an adorable comic for all ages about the adventures of Bumperboy and his best pal Bumperpup who live in the land of Bubtopia and wear weird looking full body suits (Fetish? Just kidding).

Fans of Gumby and Pokey should naturally gravitate toward Huey’s creation. To learn more about Bumperboy and to see some short step-by-step to guide on how to create your own needled felted Bumperboy and Bumperpup, check out Debbie Huey’s site at

Source: Bumperboy