Hollywood Collectibles Group is one of those companies who makes really amazing stuff that most people don’t get to hear about until it is way too late. That was what happened to me when I found out that they had created a set of elemental stones from The Fifth Element.

Earlier today, HCG sent out news that they have one of the most epic Batman Collectible sets heading out early next year. The Batarangs in question all hail from the Tim Burton era with two of them coming from Batman and one from Batman Returns. The latter even includes a working LED screen just like in the film.

The are full scale prop replicas and they come on an included stand (they can be removed) that is suitable for either wall mounting or table display.

The total run on this new set is limited to just 500 pcs, with only 100 set aside for the US market. At $499.95 for the set, I understand why you’ve got to be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark to be able to afford being a superhero.