Diamond Select Toys has revealed some new images of their upcoming Marvel Select Green Goblin figure. Along with the reveal, there’s also a short Q and Q with DST’s Chuck about the figure.

Diamond Select Toys recently revealed the figure that will follow Colossus in their 7-inch-scale Marvel Select line, and it’s the Green Goblin, longtime Spidey foe and mainstay of the Marvel Universe. While he won’t be out until summer of 2012, we thought we’d sit down with DST director Chuck Terceira to find out how the figure came into being.

This figure is based on an earlier Art Asylum statue, correct? What prompted you to revisit those pieces?
DSTChuck: Robert Yee and I wanted to bring some of the designs we did for the old
 Art Asylum-DST Marvel statue line into the Marvel Select line. We’d designed 
a lot of those statues as “moment on the page,” as if we were people in
 the Marvel Universe coming face-to-face with one of these heroes or 
villains. With that in mind, we tried to provide our own detailed,
 realistic interpretation of each character, rather than attempting to
 reproduce a 2-D artist’s work — our Lizard bust referenced 
more zoology books than actual Marvel Comics.

How did you choose the Goblin out of all of those great pieces?
DSTChuck: We’d had requests 
for more villains in the Select line, and looking at what we’d done in
 the statue line, one that jumped out at us was Eli Livingston’s Green 
Goblin sculpt. He’s on his Goblin Glider, breaking through a cloud of 
smoke, and the muscles in his face are pulled back, like he’s moving 
really fast. We’d already done a Green Goblin, but that figure felt more 
like an accessory to the unmasked Spider-Man he came with — it was a 
Spidey figure set, not a Goblin figure. So we set about converting the
 statue to toy form, adding a full range of articulation, but keeping the smoke as a support for the glider and
 keeping his crazy, demonic appearance.

Something people have commented on is the two different greens on the Goblin prototype. What was the reasoning behind that?
DSTChuck: We wanted 
to differentiate between the material of his armor and the material of 
his mask. They’re clearly two different materials — one is rubber, the 
other is scaled metal — so we made them slightly different greens. The 
final product may see the greens coming closer together, but they won’t
 be exactly the same green.