After years of trial and tribulations Shocker Toys has finally perfected their craft. Most companies would have given up and folded cutting their loss and failed dreams, but not the dedicated blue collar folks over at Shocker Toys. Finally, FINALLY! The long announced Indie Spotlight is about to come into fruition. Praise The Lord! HALLELUJAH! Can I get an Amen?

Recently they’ve released new and final images of their amazing Indie Spotlight action figures. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly, “final images” and “amazing” were used in the same sentence to describe this line. Don’t believe me? Check out the gallery below and start looking for that second job, because believe me, you’d want every one of these despite the crumbling economy.

For more information about Shocker Toys’ New Indie Spotlight series, head on over to their website at Also be sure to check out their two new store and NYCC 09 translucent The Maxx and SCUD exclusives! Both just limited to 250 pieces.