Mattel Creations has unveiled their next figure drop, and it is Jawesome! The Street Sharks are coming all the way back from the 90s and Mattel Creations is dropping three new figures based on the original concept art for the toy line and cartoon. At $75 each, these figures are only going to be for the die hard fans, but if you want them, mark your calendars for August 27, 2021 9am PT when they drop on the site.

Before they became our favorite animated man-sharks from the ’90s, the Street Sharks started as sketches. Some of the sketches eventually morphed into the toothy crime fighters we know and love, and some never saw the light of day. Until now. Our designers dug through the archives to give three original concepts of Clambo, Karkass, and Ripster their time in the water. And the result is fin-tastic!


Our lead shark, originally imagined as the lead jock and named “Ripley”, wears cleats, a helmet, and sunglasses. His weapon of choice? A football missile perfect for jawesome power passes.



Long before he became “piranhoid,” Karkass had evil in his gills. Featuring a piranha’s toothy grin and removable fish fists, this nemesis is casually dressed in sneakers and a track jacket.



This half-man, half-mollusk is armed to the teeth and all villain. He features a camo shell, multiple blasters, and a biting sneer.


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