WIth their hand forced by a leak around 36 hours ago, Marvel decided that if you were going to look at the new trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home, you may as well do it for real, and not by looking at a cell phone video of a cell phone video or a video on a computer screen.

The new trailer starts to set up everything that fans have been expecting and hoping for Peter and Dr. Strange team up, after he over-complicates one of Strange’s spells, causing them to put the multiverse at risk. While we don’t get a chance to see the Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire in the trailer, we do get our first look at Alfred Molina returning as Doctor Octopus and we nice tease for the return of Willem Defoe as The Green Goblin. There’s even a scene around 30 seconds in that fans are convinced is Charlie Cox returning to play the role of Matt Murdock/ The Daredevil.

For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man.