Bandai have sent us even more promo images of their new upcoming second wave of 4″ Basic and Deluxe figures based on the new ThunderCats animated series which airs on Cartoon Network. The figures come with a weapons and/or accessories that are unique to each character. Deluxe figures come with additional action figures allowing kids to recreate their favorite characters’ battle actions. Both Basic and Deluxe figures utilize the ThunderLynx embedded magnet system for interaction with multiple SKUs across the line, which activates unique features.

The second wave of Basic 4″ Thundercats figures includes:

– Living Claudus
– Mumm-Ra Transformed
– Lion-O V2
– Panthro V2

The second wave of Dexlue 4″ Thundercats figures includes:

– Panthro spins his nunchucks into action!
– Slithe swings his arms for barrel smashing action!