Candy and Nick of Noferin have released images of their upcoming Pencanpals designer figures.

Natural Wood Series
Limited to only 300 friends.
Made from 100% wood.
Articulated joints. All individually hand crafted.
5.5 inches high.

When asked why Pecanpals made from wood instead of the typical PVC this is what team Noferin had to say:
Apart from the obvious environmental benefits of using sustainably harvested wood instead of plastic or vinyl, we chose to use wood because we wanted to expose a traditional material in this new scene of designer toys. We became aware of designer toys as a medium two and a bit years ago. We were really intrigued by this new platform of artistic creativity which presented an innovative and approachable avenue to the art world. Wood has a weight to it, a true sense of solidity. Wood is living. It has grain, pits and pores and is a beautiful medium to work with. We wanted to create a set of figures that would stand the test of time.

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