At display in the Hasbro booth from NYCC 2011, we have our first look at some upcoming 2012 Marvel Legends Wave 2 figures. At SDCC 2011 we showed you some preview images and drawing concepts, but this is the first time the figures have been put out on display.

Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 2 includes:
– Big Time Spiderman (will feature re-designed hips on a horizontal axis and “ankle rockers”!)
– Daken (In Dark Avengers costume with removable cowl)
– Thunderball
– Heroic Age Captain America (Bucky Cap)
– Madam Masque
– Drax
– Fantomex
– Arin Zola (Build-A-Figure)

Both Madame Masque and Thunderball will have a “Running Character” change. Thunderball will be replaced with Piledriver, while Madame Mosque will be replaced by Madame Hydra. The different figures will also come with variant BAF pieces that allows you top build a Red Skull in Zolla’s body!!!!

These images come to us courtesy of ToyArk. To see more head on over to their NYCC 2011 coverage.