Mattel held their Masters of the Universe Classics panel today at NYCC and with that a bunch of new reveals as well as news of what fans can expect to see in 2012, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe toy line.

Fans can expect Snout Spout, Swiftwind and She-Ra 2.0 to go on sale this November. She-Ra will feature mix and match parts. The figure will be a bit shorter than version 1, but she will be able to sit on Swiftwind. Subscribers will get a sticker sheet.

Demo-Man, Battleground Evil-Lynn, Windraier will all go on sale in December. Windraider will be the first vehicle in the MOTUC line and unlike the 80’s version, all the details are sculpted. No stickers! It also comes with a stand along with a working wrench on the hood.

Sorceress (with full articulation), Fearless Photog and the Star Sisters 3-pack will be released in January 2012.

Fisto is set for a February release. He will come with an alternate head from the 200x line.

Kobra Kahn, Draego-Man, and Thunder Punch He-Man are expected in March. Draego-Man will be getting just his flaming sword despite what mockups have shown. The flaming whip and shield will still be included with the figure but in a future rerelease or another figure.

Shadow Weaver will be a 2012 subscription figure. Subscribers will also get a pre-Eternia map.

A stinky Stinkor will come out in April. He will also come with an alternate head. Griffin (Beast) is also expected to come out in April. He will have new colored wings than the current mockup. Lastly, the Snake-Mountain stands are also due out in April. They come 5 to a pack.

Slushhead and Temple of Darkness Sorcess are scheduled for May. Meanwhile, The Mighty Specter will be the Club Eternia figure. He’ll come with a whip.

Newly revealed Snake Man-At-Arms will be out in June. He will come with 200x colors and an alternate head, as well as a ring.

Horde Prime is due out in June. He comes with a removable helmet and an alternate head. How does he look underneath the helmet? It’s a surprise.

Lastly, Sony is still involved in making a Masters of the Universe movie. A Castle Greyskull playset is a possibility but Mattel isn’t interested in making it until the movie actually comes out. Hypothetically, if this does happen, Mattel would make an online collectors version and retail mass market version with less detail.

Finally, a flocked Panthor is also a possibility and a Battle-Ram may be in the works.