The year 2010 marks the sixtieth anniversary of Charles Schulz’s enduring creation Peanuts.

When the strip debuted in 1950, the look and style of the characters were different than today. All of the many licensed products have reflected today’s look; few, if any, are in the original style.

As Dark Horse’s contribution to the anniversary, we decided to bring the original look back with these twin-packs of small vinyl figures. Each set shows Charlie Brown and Snoopy as they were in the old days and what they are like now.

We found poses taken straight from the strips, and these specific panels will be depicted on the packaging. All four are in a running pose, which makes them look well placed together as a set.

Each figure measures close to four inches in height and is on a grass-green base (not pictured). Sculpted by the great talents at Yoe! Studio. Each 4″ set will be avaliable April 21 and will retail for $24.99.