When it comes to modern horror, you really can’t get much better than The Shining. Now, a collectible that almost made it to market has popped up in warehouse find and fans have a chance to get one of the only 321 in existence.

Once upon a time there were three men They had a small business making snow globes They had some measure of success and wanted to expand They all loved the film The Shining and wanted to make a snow globe based on the film The idea was that the snow globe would be something that would look as though it could have actually been sold in the gift shop of the Overlook Hotel. After much debate and discussion It was decided the globe would feature the famous hedge maze from the film. Great care was taken to replicate the maze accurately The three men had never licensed rights from a studio before So they went ahead, produced a small run of 500 prototypes And sent several to the studio for approval What happened next is a bit of a mystery But the license was never secured And the prototypes sat forgotten in a storage facility in England Until they were discovered Of the original 500 Only 321 remain And now, You can own one Each globe is hand numbered on the bottom And features the now iconic carpet pattern on their base As well as the Overlook logo on the front And a pair of crossed axes on the back

You can grab one of the snow globes HERE