McFarlane Toys’ Raw10 Figure line at Walmart has given us some excellent monsters at very friendly prices. It even gave us the first new version of the Spawn character Cygor that we’ve had in years. Now the toymaker has unveiled the next two releases in their line, Hoof (an anthropomorphic Rhino) and Terror-Don (A big blue dragon that was probably once some dude named Donald?).

Hoof was one of the first attempts from the RAW Labs to combine pure animalistic power with advanced cybernetic enhancements. The outcome created a near-uncontrollable beast, stalking the open plains in search of a worthy opponent. He has yet to find one…

Using unknown DNA scavenged from a mysterious forgotten island, Terror-don was cloned in a Thermal-Incubation Chamber. He was raised on a diet of raw meat and VR Combat simulations. Whether on the ground or in the air, Terror-Don is the Ultimate Predator.

Both figures can be pre-ordered now at Walmart.