If you haven’t seen the 6″ Iron Giant figure from 1000T, you are in for a treat. Pre-orders for the figure have just gone live for retailers and fans of the film are drooling and climbing over themselves to fork over the $120 USD that the figure will cost them. Check out the details and images below. What makes this figure a must have for me is the insane amount of articulation that they’ve been able to build into it. Action figure photographers are going to have a good time with this one!

Pre-orders from retailers will begin on February 19, 2018 with the item scheduled for an August release date.

Retailers that carry Japanese toys will be taking pre-orders shortly so support your favorite shop by placing an order through them.

Please note this release will be sold exclusively through retailers and will not be available from the 1000toys online shop.

Product Details

Product Name: RIOBOT Iron Giant
SRP: USD120(Outside of Japan)
Size: 16cm
Release Period: August 2018
Pre-order Start: February 16, 2018
Weight : 400g
Material: ABS/Diecast/PA/PVC
Parts Included : Exchangeable Hand Parts x 2 sets, Exchangeable Head Parts x 2, Exchangeable Teeth

SOurce: Toyark