A few days ago Capcom, Kaiyado and Good Smile Company brought us images of their Revoltec Street Fighter Online Ryu with an insane amount of articulation, today we are showing you the Revoltec SFO Chunners!

Revoltec SFO Chun Li is based off the Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation game and comes in at around 4″ tall. She will come with changeable hands and her regular Kikoken fireball attachment.

Currently Chunner is priced at 1680 yen which brings him to roughly $15.99 USD. Chunner will be avaliable November 2008. While she and Ryu may not fit in with SOTA’s 6″ articulated Street Fighter figures, she’s a worthy edition to any Street Fighter fan’s collection.

One thought on “Kaiyado – Revoltec Street Fighter Online Chun Li”

  1. Not much of a Street Fighter fan but this license works well as a Revoltec product. Now they just need to make more Transformers!

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