Courtesy of Instagram toy sleuthed pzahui, we have a breakdown of what “Avatar: The Last Airbender” fans can expect from McFarlane Toys’ upcoming line. It seems to follow the format for how McFarlane has been releasing “My Hero Academia” with two running lines of 5″ and 7″ figures.

– 5 inch Aang
– 5 inch Katara
– 5 inch Prince Zuko
– 5 inch Sokka

– 7 inch Aang
– 7 inch Prince Zuko

– 12 inch Aang

– Combo Pack: Aang With Glider
– Creature: Appa

No additional information was given and it’s unknown whether these will be based off the 2005 Nickelodeon cartoon or the upcoming Netflix relaunch.