Here are some late breaking news straight from Mattel’s panel!

Justice League Unlimited
Wave 6 singles – Hawkman, Martian Man Hunter, Captain Atom, Hawk girl, Firestorm,
3 Packs – Plastic Man, Cyborg, Mr. Miracle
3 Packs – Silver Banshee, Superman, Metallo with ripped shirt

Movie Masters
Set for release on mattycollector beginning September 15, Movie Masters Harvey Dent will no longer a chase figure.

Wave 10
Brown Mat-Bat
The Joker
Beast Boy
Black Deco Batman
Robot Man from Doom Patrol with exposable brain
Imperiex CnC

Wave 11
Cyborg superman Sinestro Corp
Deadman translucent variant
John Stewart GL
Katama Tui
Question (fan voted)
The Shark
Killowag CnC

DCUC Two Packs (Web and Toys ‘R Us exclusives)
Sinestro Corp Romat Ru & Karu-Sil
Animal Man & B’wanna Beast
Gotham City 5 pack Wal-Mart Exclusive – Batman, Classic Two-Face, Catwoman (repaint in purple), Lex Luthor (Super Friends), Superman
Target Exclusive: Public Enemy set (animated faces)
Superman, Batman (two variations of each), Icesickle, Silver Banshee, and Black Lightning
Brimestone CnC

12″ Movie Masters
General Zod from Superman the movie
Christopher Reeves Superman