Mezco’s mystery boxes are one of the coolest things that I’ve seen any major toy company do. I’ve purchased one in the past and I know several people who have done the same. The boxes are filled with great items, and often feature rare exclusives… and that brings us to today’s announcement.

Mezco Presents Friday The 13th Mystery Box Featuring Gus Fring

Triskaidekaphobics rejoice!
Mezco has just made Friday the 13th less frightening, with their Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box. Each $13 box contains at least $26 worth of Mezco goodness, but as a special surprise, some lucky customer will receive special additional bonus items making their boxes worth over $113!

What kind of bonus item?
Some will receive the special Toy Fair Gus Fring Limited Edition Preview Figure , some lucky customers will receive a Monster Scale Frankenstein worth $100 , a Mega Scale Batman worth $200, or other sought after Mezco items.

Mystery boxes go on sale on Friday 2/13 and will begin to ship out on Monday2/23.

To pre-order visit:

Gus Fing available at