Assorted news straight from the Mattel’s MattyCollector Mattypolooza panel here live at SDCC 09.

2009 and 2010 will feature new figures each month, includes subscription, 2010 subscription out now. Known as “Club Eternia.”
$20 dollar to enroll, bonus figure and an eternia map will come with your subscription.
Bonus figures will also come out — mainly repaints and larger format figures.
Battle stands and accessory packs coming soon.
There will be interconnetable stands.

Teela Will come with a secret accessory.
Scareglow is next, followed by King Randor.
Green Goddess will be the December bonus figure. Comes with staff and He-man armor.
Bonus figure in October, Zodak (not Zodac) styled like the 2002 version.
In January 2010, Adora.
Bonus figure for January is Battle Armor He-Man with swap out chest.
In February, Trap Jaw with bonus head (pre-metal jaw!) and arm attachments.
Battlecat Bonus.
In March, Moss Man with swapable heads, figure is fully flocked (yay!).
Wun-Dar bonus subscription figure.
Orko coming in 2010.
Ram-Man will also be coming.

The SDCC Egon with Slimer will be available on mattycollectors.
In October, we can expect Ray with the GB logo ghost.
In December, Winston with ghost trap.
In March 2010, Walter peck with ghost trap holder from the firehouse.
In May 2010, Slimed Peter.
Staff Puff is also coming but not as a build-a-figure.

12 inch movie masters Ghostbusters coming soon.
1:18 Ghost Traps, Meters, backpacks.
In April, 12″ Peter Venkman
In July, 12″ Winston