If there is one man in the middle of all things vinyl and art related in the toy industry, his name is Dov Kelmer. Dov is the owner of DKE Toys and an all around pretty awesome guy. We’ll bring you full coverage of his booth in the coming days but tonight we just want to focus on one part of his booth: “Spoonful of Star Wars”.

Spoonful of Star Wars is a different kind of art exhibit. Dov had the popular artist Bwana Spoons create individual paintings for each and every original Kenner Star Wars figure. The task took over a year, but the result is a site to see. There were over 90 paintings in the display, each with the original Star Wars figure right along side it.

Dov was kind enough to crack open the sealed display case so that we could show off all the paintings and toys to you . Check them out in all their awesomeness below.

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