Mattycollector has announced details for Mattel’s Voltron subscription for 2012 as well as revealing new information regarding their upcoming Mattel Voltron line. The line will include five Lions (black, green, yellow, blue, red) that form robot Voltron plus five Pilots in 3 ¾” scale (Pidge, Hunk, Lance, Allura, Keith).

“Collect all five Lions and they combine to build an enormous 23″ tall Voltron figure. Each Lion converts from Voltron mode to Lion mode with a one-touch transformation feature, and comes with a mouth blade weapon. The Black Lion also comes with an additional blazing sword and shield. Collect all the Pilots and each one will come with a piece that creates a Voltron Collect and Connect® ultra blazing sword!

Every pilot comes with an alternate helmet head, and a key that unlocks the cockpit of their corresponding Lion and allows it to transform with one touch from Voltron mode to Lion mode. The key can also be used as a display base for the pilot figure. There’s also an exclusive item available only to members of the Voltron subscription, Club Lion Force, but I can’t tell you what it is until the Mattypalooza panel on Friday at SDCC.”

Overview of Club Lion Force
When you buy a membership to 2012 Club Lion Force, you’re guaranteed to get all the official club figures released during the year – a total of 5 pilot figures in 3 ¾” scale and 5 Lion figures. That means you’ll own all 5 lions needed to build the colossal 23″ Voltron robot and all 5 pilots needed to complete the Voltron Collect and Connect™ ultra blazing sword!

You’ll also receive a club-exclusive item – to be revealed at the Mattypalooza fan panel at SDCC on Friday 7/22, then right here on If you’re a true Voltron fan, you won’t want to miss it!

Approximately every 2-3 months in 2012 (starting in early 2012), you’re automatically shipped a Club Lion Force Lion figure and its corresponding Pilot. Figures are not billed until they are shipped. Only the sign-up fee is billed when you purchase the subscription during the on-sale period.
Please note that special convention items, reissues and other accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Voltron® items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed below.

Subscription Cost
Red Lion and Green Lion @ $35 each = $70
Blue Lion and Yellow Lion @ $40 each = $80
Black Lion = $50
Pilots: 5 @ $15 each = $75
Club-exclusive item/sign-up fee: $15 (billed at signup)
TOTAL $290 plus shipping/taxes/fees (varies by your location & shipping method chosen)
Subscriptions go on sale this Friday 7/22 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET) and end on Friday 8/5 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET).