Mattypalooza kicked off today with that an unveiling of what’s in store for 2013. It’s exciting times for all especially DC fans.

First up is the last of the Young Justice 6″ figures. They include a two-pack of Superboy and Miss Martian. Miss Martian will come with two heads, long hair and short.

For Club Infinite Earths subscribers, 2012 fans can expect:
-Black Mask (Sept 12)
-Poison Ivy (Oct 12)
-Elasti-Girl (Doom Patrol) – Oversized with mini figure)
-Uncle Sam w/ Dollman
-Platinum & Tin (Metal Men)
-Lead (Metal Men) – Oversized, uses Darkseid buck)

In 2013, fans can expect:
– Blue Lantern Saint Walker (Jan 13)
-Phantom Stranger (Feb 13)
-Elongated Man (March 13)
-Agent Orange Larfleeze (April 13)
-Wally West The Flash 3 (May 13)
-Oversize Subscription Exclusive: Monsieur Mallah and The Brain (April 13)

Also in 2013, a classic comic Watchmen series will kick off (Known as the Mystery Line) beginning with
-Rorschach (Jan 13)
-Dr. Manhattan (March 13)

Both figures will be avaliable through the sub or day of sale for a couple of bucks more. Supposedly fans can expect four more to ship throughout 2013.

Source: ToyArk