During the Mattypalooza panel Mattel also announced new information concerning upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics figures. Some highlights include Ram Man, Mosquitor and Jitsu!! And new prices starting 2013. Figures are expected to go up to $25 ($27 day of).

Here’s the panel recap:

MOTUC 2012:
-Frosta (Oct 12)
-Rattlor (Oct 12) with rattling tail!
-Sicker sheet – Great Rebellion (Oct 12)
-Masters 30th Fig Cy-Chop (designed by Terry Higuchi – Oct 12)
-Great Unrest Weapon Pack (Oct 12)
-Deckker – with swappable heads (Nov 12)
-Eternos Palace King Randor (Nov 12)
-Mosquitor (Dec 12)
-Procurstus – oversized (Dec 12)
-Temple of Darkness Sorceress (Dec 12)
-Granamyr – oversized (Dec 12)

Winner Fan Contest: Castle Greyskullman (Daniel Benedict)


MOTUC 2013:
-Netossa (Jan 13)
-Ram Man (Jan 13) – oversized, comes with 2 heads and axe
-Jitsu (Feb 13)
-Fang Man (Mar 13)
-King He-Man (Subscription Exclusive) will come with special comic book published by DC. 12 pages long.
-Fighting Foe Men 3-pack – figures come with swappable chest logos to become Horde members. The figures are named after The Four Horsemen who sculpted the line (Dittstoryer, Sheild Maiden Sherrlyn, Dawg-o-Tor)


Source: ToyArk