Mattel’s Mattypalooza of 2013 took place today and in the much anticipated DC reveal, Mattel unveiled a new line of 4″ and 6″ DC Comics Multiverse line. Both lines will be fully articulated while the new 6″ line will feature new form factors developed by the 4 Horsemen.

From the 4″ scale, fans can expect over 18 points of articulation. There will be 3 waves total, with the first wave consisting of figures from the video games Arkham City and Arkham Origins. Wave 2 will be based on DC movies, which includes the Mattel’s first ever Michael Keaton batman figure.

From wave 1:
Arkham City Batman
Arkham City Azrael
Arkham City Armored Edition Batman
Arkham Origins Mr. Freeze
Arkham Origins Deadshot
Arkham Origins Bane


In collaboration with the 4 Horsemen, fans can expect the new 6″ DC Comics Total Heroes line next year. These 6″ figures will feature new animated styling and will look different than figures from the now defunct DCUC line.

The first wave of Total Heroes will include:

The Flash
Green Lantern


Source: ToyArk