Courtesy of Toyark, here are some of Mattel’s upcoming MOTU offerings that have been put out on the con floor. Although the vintage line may be coming to an end, it does not mean it’s the end of the 6″ line all together.

From the Mattypalooza panel, here’s what fans can expect in 2014 and 2015. As you can see, the line is hardly dead…

-End of the line … for vintage at least. 6″ might continue if sales hold
-Wall mounted stands
-Flogg (July)
-Double Mischief
-Etheria Invasion Hordak
-Flutterina (Aug)
-Intergalactic Skeletor with removable Helmet and Faker Head (Q3)
-Madam Razz with Broom (Sept)
-Rio Blast (Sept)
-Entrapta (Sept)
-Sweet Bee (Oct)
-Light Hope (Oct)
-Battle Ram comes with Man at Arms with new head (Oct)
-Tongue Lasher (Tongue in and tongue out sculpted heads!) (Nov)
-Arrow with removable wings
-Club Etheria New Adventures Galactic Protector She-Ra (Nov)
-Holiday sub Gwildor with Cosmic Keys
-Club Eternia Mermistra (with stand and swapable mermaid form)
-Club Etheria Spinnerella $30 due to deco and removable hair pieces
-Lizard Man (Skeletor Sword and ray of disappearance accessories) (2015)
-Ninjor (with alternate head, ninja or unmasked)
-Snake Armor He Man vs Battle Armor King Hiss 2 pack
-Fan choice Huntara
-Sub Only original mini-comic He-Man with alternate heads
-Skeletor’s Hover Robots (3 packs, each with stands and interchangeable hands and a sticker sheet for battle damage deco)
-Club Eternia Monthly figure?? Something with wings