Avengers 2018 Wave 1

-Black Panther Wave
-Black Bolt (with new screaming head)
-Classic Namor

Deadpool Wave
-Cable (Rob Liefeld)
-Classic Deadpool
-Modern Domino
-X-23 (X-Force costume, no toe claw)
-Classic Deathlok
-BAF ??? (Not Strong Guy)

Spider-Man 2018 Wave 1
-BAF Lizard

Walgreens Exclusives
-Mr Fantastic (comes with bendy arms and normal arms)

X-Men 2018
-BAF Apocalypse

Legendary Riders Wave
-Black Widow with bike (In scale with male figures)
-Ghost Rider with bike (Front skull plate and flames are removable)

Amazon Defenders Comic 4-Pack Exclusive
-Luke Cage
-Iron Fist
-Jessica Jones as Jewel

Marvel Vintage wave
-Captain America
-Black Widow
-Iron Man (New tooling)
-Wolverine (with unmasked head)

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