We’ll have more pics coming up from Mezco’s booth over the next couple of days, but for now, check out the previews of what is to come. Mezco’s 1:12 Collective line is really growing into an amazing collectible legacy. The head sculpt on Thor is perfect and I’m really blown away by both the Hulk and Batman Beyond figures!

DC Comics – Catwoman One:12 Collective
Batman Beyond – Batman One:12 Collective
Spider-Man: Homecoming – One:12 Collective Tease
Thor Ragnarok – Gladiator Thor One:12 Collective
Thor Ragnarok – Gladiator Hulk One:12 Collective
A Clockwork Orange – Alex Stylized Figure
Living Dead Dolls – Halloween 2017
Justice League – 2″ Mini Mez-Itz 4-Pack